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Carol, a newbie tried to contact Cricut for assistance and after 3 hours they were not able to answer her question.

In this video I am hopefully answering the question she left in the comment section of one of my videos.

Thank you for watching my video at Sassi’s Scrapbooking.  Please subscribe to my channel and watch my other video’s.  I will continue to add new video’s as my adventures with the Cricut Explore continue.


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2 Responses to Questions & Answers – Cricut Explore

  1. Jacki says:

    Will the Cricut Explore cut out a stencil of a heart with a smaller heart inside of it, held there with bridges around the edges to hold it in place? And the smaller heart would be the island.

  2. Cyndi says:

    I am a school teacher and I have several ?’s about my new explore. IS there a educational site for Cricut? I am also struggling with the machine… I have had some help from Support but not what I really wanted to hear so… wondering if the true users have come about a way of doing things. Here is the issue:
    Imagine a coloring page. It has 5 items on the page and you want to cut out those 5 on the page. Not recreating but the machine to just cut that page. Anyway of doing this? If not is there any machine that can do this that anyone is aware of.


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