Markers & Pens that work GREAT with the Cricut Explore – Pt. 4


In Part 4. of my Markers & Pens that work GREAT with he Cricut Explore I am excited to show my newest purchase: a set of pens from Office Depot!. Every time I go into Office Depot these days, I like to check out the pens and markers to see what they have. On this visit they had these pens on one of the end isle. They offered the pens individually in various colors… Ok my interest was there but at the cost per individual pen I was not so keep to purchase 10 or 12. As I continued down the isle I noticed that they had the same pens, in various colors, in a package of 12 for only $8.00. Right there on the same shelf were some Sharpie pens that looked almost identical to these pens but were selling for $22.00. Well as you can guess, I bought these pens instead of the Sharpie pens. Really why spend $22.00 when you can get practically the same set of pens for $8.00. Please watch my video and let me know what you thing of these pens!

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4 Responses to Markers & Pens that work GREAT with the Cricut Explore – Pt. 4

  1. Lee says:

    Hi. I was wondering if Sharpie pens work in your Explore. They do not work in mine, so I am wondering if the Foray pens will work instead.


    • Sassi says:

      Hi Lee.

      I have the Cricut Explore and the regular sharpie markers do not fit unless I used a third party adapter. However, when I purchased my Foray pen, which I know work with the Cricut Explore default adapter as I have used them on many of my projects, I did see some Sharpie markers that had a thinner barrel. They appeared to be very similar in diameter to the Foray pens but were twice as expensive, so I didn’t purchase them. I believe that those sharpie pens will work. If you try them let me know!

      • Lee says:

        Hi Sassi,
        I have tried the Sharpie “pens” (they are similar to the Sharpie “fine” markers, but they are thinner) and they do not work. They are still a little itty bit too big I think. I will look for the Foray pens!

        One thing it did do this week… I was able to make Papermate Flair felt-tip pens work in my Explore by sanding down the flair part near the tip. Now they slide in enough for the clamp to hold them. (I hope that makes sense.)

  2. Gail Ganong says:

    Stumbled across your blog and am blown away by all that I didn’t know about my Cricut Explore Air machine. Thanks for all of the information, I have had it for about 8 months and can see I have alot more to learn!

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