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Hello World and welcome to Sassi’s Scrapbooking

This website is my story of my adventures in scrapbooking.  I am going to be updating this site with tutorials, tips, tricks and links to my YouTube tutorial videos. I hope you join me on my journey! Please leave me comments on your scrapbooking adventures. Sassi.


3 Responses to About me

  1. Florence Davis says:

    Hey Sassi – do you teach hands-on classes for using the Cricut Explore?

    • Sassi says:

      Hi Florence,
      It is something that I am trying to start. Right now I have only taught and worked with some friends that are just starting out with the Cricut.


  2. anne randolph says:

    I am new to this community and I really enjoy your videos. I bought the C.E. but I am still not sure on how to work this machine, so it has sat in the closet. But I feel better when I watch your videos. Thank You

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