Count on Me Halloween card

Follow me while I take you step by step through my process of creating the stand up Halloween card.  I used only Cricut cartridge images, the Cricut Design Space and the Cricut Explore machine.

Image Name Item # Cricut Cartridge Width Height
Bat #M3E749 Happy Hauntings 1.64 1.16
Coffin #M3F751 Happy Hauntings 1.06 2.4
Count on Me #M3CF34 3 Birds on Parade 3.17 2.4
Crow & Branch #M3D22C Creepy Critters 1.02 0.8
Dracula #M3EEB6 Happy Hauntings 2.32 3
Fence –         (2 Fence images were welded together) #M3B36A A Frightful Affair 8.22 1.59
Ghosts (the pair) #M4047B Happy Hauntings 2.11 1.42
RIP Headstone #M3D224E Creepy Critters 1.3 2.4
Skeletal Bones #M46E17 October 31st. 3.42 1.11
Spooky Tree Silhouette #M3A903 Monster Bash 3.75 4.5
Spooky Tree Silhouette #M3A903 Monster Bash 2.92 3.5
Spooky Tree Silhouette #M3A903 Monster Bash 2.5 3
Spooky Tree Silhouette #M3A903 Monster Bash 2.91 3
Tree & Moon #M3D221E Creepy Critters 4.29 5.5





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3 Responses to Count on Me Halloween card

  1. Nancy Brown says:

    I think this card is great. I’m new to Cricut and even card making, I think it was great of you to show not only the basic steps, but the actual part numbers. I no this sounds very presumptuous of me, but is there any way you might be able to tell us what size you resized the figures to?

    • Sassi says:

      Hi Nancy.
      Thank you for watching my video!
      Here is the list of the image sizes:
      Bat = 1.64W x 1.16h
      Ghost = 2.11W x 1.42H
      Dracula = 2.32W x 3H
      Skeleton Bones = 3.42W x 1.11H
      Bird = 1.02W x .8H
      Coffin = 1.06W x 2.4H
      RIP Headstone = 1.3W x 2.4H
      Fence = 8.15W x 1.53H
      Count on Me = 3.17W x 2.4H
      Tree and Moon = 4.29W x 5.5H
      Tree = 2.91W x 3H, 2.92W x 3.5H, 2.5W x 3H, 3.75W x 4.5H

      I hope this helps you out.


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