3D Christmas Wreath Card


In this video tutorial I am going to take you step by step through my process on how to create this 3D Christmas Wreath Card using the Cricut Design Space, the Cricut Explore, Adobe Photoshop and graphics from the internet.

Let’s get started.

In Adobe Photoshop I have already inserted the .png image that I have chosen for this tutorial.  I am going to print the image on my printer by going to FILE and then Print.

Since the image I am going to print is not large and I don’t see the need to waste my white card stock paper, I am going into my printer settings in Adobe photoshop to adjust the size of the paper I am going to print the my image on to 4 inches by 4 inches.

Once the printer paper size has been adjusted I am going to adjust my image size to 3 inches in height.  This automatically adjusts with width size for me.

Let’s print the image.

Now that my image has been printed I am placing the 4 x 4 printed white card stock at the 1 x 1 inch mark on the cricut mat.  I will explain why I am placing here in just one moment.

In the cricut design space I have inserted a circle from my images. The image that I printed from Photoshop has been printed at 3 inches in height so the circle that I want the Cricut Explore to cut should be set to 4 inches in width and Heigth.

Lets press go.

In the matt preview screen I am moving the cut out so that it is placed at the 1 x 1 inch mark in order to match the location of the of the printed white card stock on the cutting matt.

Back again in the Cricut Design Space I have insert a banner image from “the First few years” cartridge.  I am adjusting the banner width to 5 inches so that it slightly overlaps one of the card layers.

I want to add a greeting to my banner so I am going to ADD TEXT.

I am going to the EDIT box and under ALL FONTS I am going to choose HAS A WRITING STYLE.

Then moving the text box over to the banner I am going to make a few adjustments so that the text will fit the banner.  I will need to ungroup the banner so that I can attach the text to the white portion of the banner.  I need to make sure that I have adjusted the text layer so that it will sit on top of the banner before I click on the ATTACH icon in the LAYERS box.

Now I can go to the Matt Preview screen to ensure that all my layers are going to print and cut correctly before I hit GO.

I am using a full sheet of red card stock for my card.  I am going to score a line at the 5.5 mark to create the card. I am then going to cut a piece of decorative card stock to 5.25 x 8.25.  I am cutting a second piece of card stock to 5 x 8

Once all my pieces are cut I like to assemble everything together to see what my end results would look like.

Next I am adhering the printed circle cut out to the red card stock. This will be the top layer of the card.

Next I am adhering the decorative card stock to the red card stock.  I have found that it is easier to complete this step now rather than later when there is more bulk to the top layer of card stock.

Now I can add the pine branches around my circle.  I need to ensure that I glue just the end of the branch to the circle not the entire branch as I will want to fluff the branch when I am done.

I cut these pine branches out on the Cricut Explore in a previous video tutorial.

If you don’t have the Martha Stewart Pine Branch punch, which I don’t or you don’t want to purchase it, which I don’t, you can download the free .svg file from my website at: www.sassis-scrapbooking.com.

You can upload the .svg file into the Cricut Design Space and cut as many as you like on your Cricut Explore or Silhouette machine.  In my previous video tutorial, I had originally cut around 36 sets of the pine branches in 3 shades of green, and even after this project I still have quite a few left over for another project.

I have gone ahead and inked and completed the greeting banner.

Now I am adding glue spots to the back of the banner just to give it a bit more dimension when it is added to the card.

I am also added glue spots to the top of my card before adding the top layers. Again it is just to give it more of a pop out effect.

The last step to completing the card is to fluff up the pine branches and add a little bling.  In this case I am using a bit of red glitter glue on some of the branches as well as the outer portion of the white circle cut out.

I added a seasonal greeting on the inside of the card and use at bit of the decorative card stock to complete the inside.

Since this card is a bit thick for a regular envelope I create a box with a window cut out as the card’s carrier. That will be another video tutorial.



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3 Responses to 3D Christmas Wreath Card

  1. Sharon says:

    I’m on your website but can’t find where to download the Martha Stewart Pine Branch SVG file. Could you let me know how to do that from your web page? Thanks.


    • Sassi says:

      Hi Sharon.

      The SVG file is on the 3D Christmas Card Tutorial post.

      There is an SVG link to copy the file.

      Thanks for watching my videos.


      • Sharon says:

        Thanks. I found the link and downloaded it. Now I’m excited to make one of the projects using the pattern.


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